Medbone® – Biomaterials

Medbone® is company founded in 2008, with the purpose to fill a gap in the market in the area of synthetic bone graft manufacturing.

Our Biomaterials are commercialized worldwide, being used in more than 90 countries, in orthopedic, dental and veterinary surgeries.

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Manufacture HIGH QUALITY Biomaterials
Develop INNOVATIVE tools to healthcare professional
Products 100% RESORBABLE
High IMPROVEMENT of patients quality of life

Business Areas

Hip Osteotomy
Knee Osteotomy
Bone Curettage
Broken limbs
Brain surgery
Sinus Lifting
Plastic Surgeries
Maxillofacial Surgeries


Medbone’s products are developed and made from resorbable biomaterials based on calcium phosphates.

All products are manufactured under the strictest quality controls, keeping our biomaterials at the highest scientific and quality standards, and are available in various forms: granules, blocks, cylinders, wedges and even in customized sizes and shapes.

Medical devices manufactured by Medbone have similar properties to natural bone, allowing a better quality of life for people.
A key feature of our products is the presence of interconnected pores or channels within the material. The channels must be large
enough (typically 0.05 mm in diameter) to enable the invasion of blood vessels and cells, hence enabling material biodegradation and bone ingrowth within the bone substitute.

To add to this great advantage, it is also important to mention that all our products, as well as the company itself, are certified by an international notified body – SGS. Medbone is certified by ISO13485, and our products are certified by the European Directive 93/42/EEC.



“Having placed dental Implants since 1991 and only used synthetic materials for bone regeneration for the last 16 years and 5,000 grafts, I have worked with many synthetic biomaterials. The BTcp and HA materials manufactured by Medbone in Sintra, Portugal are simply the most effective I have experienced. When it came to working on the development of my own material,  there was only one place to go, Medbone. The ceramic manufacturer who understands bone and healing.”
Professor Dr. Peter JM Fairbairn
Scarsdale Dental , London.
“I have been an implantologist for 25 years and have always tried to use biomaterials to meet my needs. Almost 10 years ago I had my first contact with adbone®TCP and adbone®BCP and since then, given the excellent results achieved in biocompatibility, neovascularization, density and resorption of grafts, ease of handling and affordable cost, I started using Medbone’s products exclusively. I produced a work with histological comparative sections of Bio-Oss and Adbone®TCP grafts, which was published in Quintessence International (01/2018), and the results unequivocally demonstrate the advantages of Adbone®TCP. Medbone has always met my best expectations.”
Professor Dr. Hiram Fischer Trindade
European Implantology Center EIC, Portugal.
"After several years of using different bone graft materials, I was very curious to try a product made in Portugal. After doing so, Medbone immediately became my first choice on bone augmentation due to its presentations, properties, reliability and very high predictability in new bone formation. Its hydrophilic character is amazing and great to observe.“
Professor Dr. Nuno Cintra
Medicabulum, Angra do Heroísmo.